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Automation without Complication
WorkMates is the ideal digital prepress workflow for commercial printers. You will increase efficiency, accelerate productivity, improve output quality and reduce your business expense.

All prepress workflows deal with the same basic processes: handling PDF files, imposition, proofing, and making plates. While today’s powerful and very expensive digital workflow solutions might seem like the best way to automate repetitive tasks, those solutions can be very complex and are often overkill for many of the day-to-day jobs of small- to medium-sized commercial printers. Driven primarily by cost, many of these printers have opted to create their own prepress workflows by knitting together various off-theshelf software applications. Unfortunately, this results in islands of production that introduce new manual steps into what should be a seamless digital prepress process.

That’s where we come in. ECRM’s WorkMates is a digital prepress workflow that offers prepress automation without complication. WorkMates delivers all the basic prepress processes and streamlines your entire production workflow at a cost-effective price.
WorkMates is not a scaled-down version of an existing high-dollar solution. In fact, WorkMates was built from the ground up exclusively for small- to-mid-sized commercial printers who want to save time, reduce errors, improve output quality and lower operating costs.

PDF File Management
Many of your customers provide a PDF file they have already created. In WorkMates, that PDF file gets dropped into a local or remote (FTP) hot folder and automatically enters your workflow. Should your customer provide a PostScript or EPS file, simply take that file and drop it in a hot folder…WorkMates will generate a PDF automatically.

Imposition is not optional, but the manual labour is
Every job that comes into your print shop needs to be configured to work on your presses. WorkMates lets you eliminate manual imposition and the extensive time it can consume. With automatic in-RIP imposition, an easy and intuitive wizard helps you create templates based on the presses in your shop. After passing the preflight stage, a job is automatically imposed based on the number of pages in the document and the size of your press. It’s as close to hands-off prepress as you can get.

WorkMates in-RIP imposition enables you to:
• Combine various PDF files into a single job
• Combine like spot colors to a single plate
• Create custom imposition to gang different jobs onto a single press sheet
• Impose complicated step-and-repeat jobs

WorkMates Proofing—dots and all
WorkMates will save you time and money on the majority of your proofing needs. It automatically creates a PDF proof of the actual job that was ripped, all the way down to the screened dots that will be plated. WorkMates can also provide content and imposition hard copy proofs printed from any printer on your network.

Plate Making made simple
Sending jobs to your MAKO CTP has never been easier. Prior to making plates, WorkMates lets you roam around or zoom in and out to check on traps and spot colors. Turbocharge your productivity by plating a job directly from your desktop.

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