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We supply both imagesetter  and inkjet printer systems for producing film for conventional analogue platemaking.

Imagesetting film      


         We offer our own-brand HUNTERGEN product. This gives excellent high contrast results and great resolution.

Huntergen data sheet

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Torrent Jet - Inkjet Film System

TorrentJet Film

A film output system for just over 3,000 ex works

High quality imaging on film using inkjet technology for fast, clean, eco-friendly graphic arts film positive and negative production.

Produce highly durable films with dMax > 4.5 using the affordable Torrent Jet inkjet printing system, utilising the latest Epson inkjet technology combined with the new powerful Torrent RIP software with many unique inkjet to film features and technologies allowing film quality never before seen on inkjet devices.

Not only can Torrent Jet systems produce top quality films, they can also be used for colour accurate proofing providing two systems in one!

Switch off your old film processor today

With Torrent Jet direct to film imaging using our leading film and ink consumables the days of messy chemical film processing are a thing of the past. No more cleaning out the processor, or storing nasty chemicals for collection and recycling, one simple, clean, desktop solution can replace your existing imagesetter, film processor, plumbing and chemicals.

Torrent Jet INK - providing very high dMax of 4.5 or higher with low ink spread provides film suitable for all applications with excellent imaging quality.

Torrent Jet Media - available in 17, 24, 36 and 44 inch rolls for a wide range of applications and printers, giving low ink spread and fast drying times.

Torrent Jet RIP - dedicated, optimised inkjet film prepress RIP.

Unparalleled quality

  • 720, 1440 & 2880 dpi output, provides a range of print quality and speed settings.
  • Screen rulings from 25lpi for FLEXO work through to 150lpi for offset LITHO printing.
  • Torrent RIP has many features to optimize film output, including control of ink density and ink spread (using in-RIP Trapping functions to preserve text and vector detail).
  • Torrent RIP includes features designed specifically for FLEXO applications, including control of dot profiles and pillar dots. Hybrid screening comes as standard, with an FM screening option for corrugated printing.
  • Easy control for: positive or negative films, right or wrong reading.



Incredible small text detail, even negative

Full tonal range from 1 - 99%

Consistent object size, positive and negative

Large format Epson printer

Epson SC-T3200-PS


      For use with the TorrentJet RIP we'd recommend the Epson SC-T3200 large format printer. A highly productive 24-inch printer that combines performance, quality and value to save you time and money.

The SureColor SC-T3200 maximises performance in busy graphics, CAD and GIS production environments






 Film developers and fixers

Hunter Penrose markets the products produced by Champion Photochemistry - the world's leading manufacturer of chemistry for the graphics and photographics applications.                            


Hunter Penrose is a main distributor for Champion Photochemistry products. A key product amongst their range of film developers is Novotech Universal. This is a clean and highly effective product for all rapid access films, including 4th and 5th generation 'hard dot' products.

      Novotech data sheet

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